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Avon Lady
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Family Photo Album

Here are some great family photos, wow does time fly! Gotta love the ones you're with! ;)


Lyndon Lyon & Zachary

Lyndon is my maternal grandfather who passed away on May 19, 1999. He was a pioneer in the field of horticulture, having won many awards, particularly for his hybridized miniature violets. Zachary Lyndon is my grandfather's namesake, and my first grandchild. He is now 7 yrs old..this photo was taken when he was only 4 going on 5.


Damon, Kenny, and Daniela

This is a photo of my daughter Daniela as a young girl, and her brother Damon, who is sitting on the lap of my late nephew, Kenny...also affectionately known as Kenito. He was my ex sister-in-law's son. This of course was taken LONG BEFORE my kitchen got remodeled!


My Little "Diggity"
(Pronounced "Di-ca-tee")

Everyone who knows me KNOWS that this little boy is the center of my WORLD!!!! How can he not be??? Just LOOK at that ADORABLE smile!!!!


My daughter Amanda & my lil Diggity...
Pictured at the right are my two
daughters Amanda & Daniela


Rachael and Jacob

These are my daughter Daniela's two youngest children.
They both have been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)

Pervasive Developmental here for more information about that and autism.

Amanda & Daniela 1990